“1,000,000 Likes” — A Poem by Ayomide Inufin D’great

Like a beautiful day and a wonderful night,
A gilt graced with glamour living in the spotlight,
The face on magazines and TV screens,
Of a life that sail in the depth of mainstream…

A man made of money with an ocean view of fans blowing cheers,
Living the dream whereas, reality is a nightmare,
Of enemies in disguise and friends who wear white lies,
Of deceit that never dies, that never gambles that never dice…

How do you identify your death like an autopsy?
And how do you recognize the heart to pour your heart to and pour some Hennessy?
Friendship is so unknown and foes don’t show the ecstasies,
A tale of him surrounded by a pool of pals with fishy enemies…

How do I fish out one love from this sea of likes?
A thousand friends isn’t a thousand companions, don’t fall for the hypes,
Know where you belong; know those that belong to you,
For your strangest death cometh from those familiar with you…

This love is overrated,
In reality, the love is perhaps hatred,
Be careful of your big circle,
The unlikeliest to likely harm you…

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