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On this day I write:

Life wasn’t a perfect audience
or unless I lost confidence while on stage
’cause I hear things I didn’t say,
I see people fixing their blood-coated eyes on me
I ran and ran so deeply to my shells

So with the bravery of a full-grown child
I searched for myself,
trying to hold a child’s hands,
lost and discontinued.

Life’s kissed me horribly but I had no love for her,
she’s seduced me to my feet and made me cry.
Life stole my childhood,
so I had thoughts to loot her too.

Depression visited me on the best nights,
it was a feast of the fallen and the mighty.

No one sees the pieces on my face,
no one heard the awful lyrics I recite in my head.
No one felt that I started crossing paths and time,
not even my heart knew.

With warmth and fractured emotions
a being is trapped in sadness,
and fell in love with the darkness,
for life shown no light

Dear God,
save a nervous child,
I’m scared of so multiple living

Lights off!

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