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Before I Die; Read

I emptied every street
Within the jurisdiction
Of my heart.

I’ve sang into the sky
With the skylark
And lettered
Each note
Your hairs.

Dreams are perpendicular thoughts
And realities are theorems;
May I calculate the angle
Of depression buried
In the soul of my stanzas?

Have you imagined
The lips that have never kissed?
It’s the same that will devour your neck
With endless ink of the heart
Penned with a virgin lips.

My love is the roasted yam
Unmarried to a spicy palm oil.
To you who will not remember
The countless rose stoned
At your deceitful heart,
I write:

I’m off to war,
Pray I come back
But I know I will die
Before the sun wakes
Your eyes tomorrow.

I love you.

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