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Maybe you never really cared.
Maybe you just lied.
How can I remember to forget all our memories?
Have you forgotten all the times I made you smile?
Why did everything feel so right when we were together?
What happened to us?
Why didn’t it last when I wanted forever?
Why did you come into my life?
You were the full package of happiness,
And all I ever wanted.
Why did you leave me with a broken heart and an empty soul?
Why did my life fall apart when you left?

“You don’t need him,” I whisper to myself.
“He doesn’t deserve you,” I scream at my shattered heart.
Why am I not convinced?
Why is my heart so hurt?
Why do I cry myself to sleep every night?
Why do I have questions?
Why did you leave?
You found a new love?
Why is my heart so unsure?
Can I ever love again?

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