A score and one years ago,
The military juntas seized
After about three decades of Autocracy
Democracy was said to be

This demo could never be this crazy yet5 it is.
A democracy without freedom
A democracy with rights violation.

This demo could never be this crazy
Yet it is
A government of the government by the government and for the government
The nameless has no say in the government.

This democracy is really crazy
Men elected to work for us now rule and lord over us.

Left and right we turn
Upheaval and chaos at every turn
Tribalism, religious intolerance and greed make our country burn.

This democracy truly is crazy
A democracy where there is freedom of speech but no freedom after speech.

This democracy is crazy
A country where snakes and rats live in wealth and affluence.

Dead men appointed to public offices
A cow is more important than a tribe
Solidarity of the armed forces is trampled upon.

This democracy would never have been crazy
If the Britons never gave absolute power to a section
If we had sworn to perpetually live as one
If religion could be observed in sanity.

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