Eclipse of the Doom

Obscurity silhouetting itself against the daylight.
Darkness beating and battering.
Depression travelling and thriving.
The inhabitants faring melancholic.

The brightness of the dawn buried in the ashes of dying dimness.
The dark phoenix birthing its strength anew.
Rising to court immortality
and ready to reign a tyranny,
drinking to stupor pleasure in the cup of brutality.

Her wicked voice tearing eardrums.
None shall escape she sings,
an odd song on bizarre beats
Behold she threatens with gloom that can be felt.
Hear her pushing, feel her travailing. Ready to birth. Perceive her impending doom.

Ye all shall perish.
Ye all shall fall.
Ye all shall tremble.
Ye all … ye all … she laughs with scorn … ye all … l … l … ll … l … llll … ll … ll … llll … shall cry for fear.

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