“New School” — A Poem by Chima Daniel

Welcome to my lecture hall,
my lecture hall of affection.
I’m Professor “Love made easy”.
I promise to be the man
to help you find your man.
I’m not here to give you hope
or teach you how to cope
but you’ll learn how to tie the rope,
the rope of affection and attraction.
My rules are simple:
“You don’t go by the books”
here, we go by our hearts.
My classes last forever,
even beyond walls of the lecture halls.
In my class,
questions are answers…
there is no break,
you learn till you die…
My exams start immediately you leave my class,
in your room, on the bed, in the kitchen, or anywhere you find yourself.
The best students in my class are those who fail all the time but still come around.
I know you expect my first lecture to be on ‘love’… but today we shall discuss ‘hate’, the main reason why love exists.
Whatever you believe,
‘hate’ makes love better, stronger and sweeter.
Love without hate
is a house with no gate
waiting for convicts and inmates
to come and plunder soulmates.
My lecture is over
but the lessons aren’t over.

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