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The Departing

Seven owls are on my roof, don’t ask me how I know, I think I can sense them and my senses are telling me that they’re seven. The dogs are howling very loudly tonight, it’s not unusual for them to howl but tonight is different. Totally different.

This morning, I went to visit a friend and noticed a thick aura of death surrounding him, but he wasn’t sick—he was hale and hearty, and being the good guy that I am, I resolved the issue for him by chanting some mantras I learned online.

You see, I’m a very curious and inquisitive guy but I channeled all of this energy into the wrong source. I know lots of diabolical and demonic stuff; drawing my soul out of my body, moving things with my mind, teleportation (though I haven’t perfected that, but I know the spells and portals).

I would spend hours and hours poring over these things and I can call myself a master, well, until today. I drew the aura of death away from him and since then, it has been stuck on me. Humans should never mess with Death, that guy is one annoying dude. At first, I didn’t worry about it, I thought that it was just a backlash and that a few hours of mediation and chanting would disperse it. I’ve spent hours on it now and it keeps getting thicker by the second.

I should’ve never started with these things, my misdirection of curiosity and hunger for knowledge has driven me to the deep end, maybe ignorance is bliss. Anyways, it’s too late to regret now.

I can literally feel Death breathing on my neck, his breath reeks of souls—decayed and fresh ones. My skin is tingling, that tingle of danger—intense danger, but I can’t move too much apart from controlling this pen with my mind, I think he wants me to leave my story behind. When you find this note beside the bed, don’t mourn for me because it wouldn’t matter. Just know that I have joined the ranks of the dead.

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