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My Life as an Author

I am an author that still likes writing with pencil and exercise book instead of writing apps. I like that sound of pencil against paper.

I enjoy that moment when I have to think deeply about a scene before penning it down into words. I like that feeling when I have to pause to gather my thoughts and search for the right words to express characters’ emotions.

I love it when I crack my knuckles to relax my tired fingers. I like those moments when I read out my work and how I laugh at errors in it before re-editing it.

Trust me, writing is fun but not easy! I do not like the fact that I have to transfer from paper to screen before presenting my work to my readers.

Nowadays people say writing is a waste of time because we are in a digital world and no one has time to read books. They prefer funny videos and exciting stuffs on social platforms. But what they don’t know is books give us more knowledge!

And I’ll keep writing excellent books because I feel proud to be an author.

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