When We All Die

Death is a haughty spirit
And a haughty spirit is death.
Hard work is not hard,
Your zeal should be zealous.

Before you die, live.
Before you live, die.

In this world of ours,
Laziness and idleness,
Diplomacy and cacophonic cacophony.
Mamon and mundane malady,
Dence and dunce dances of shameful melodies.

Displayed, are vultures of voidance,
Gimmicks and power play,
Teetotalists turning drunkards and
Cowards on the frontline,

But when we all die,
Isolation shall be isolated
Joy shall be depressed,
Poverty, poor; sanity, insane and
Explanation itself ‘ll be confused,

Our ‘SIN’ shall be the greatest detective,
Finding us out… when I die,
I hope to see my pilot face-to-face.

Flourish Joshua
[email protected]
IG • @fjspeaks

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