In Vanity I Hasten

This is a tale of a fool,
Drool to the dual paths of a flashing whirlpools.
Be one traveler, long I stood to see above the brinks,
As the smoothie way blinks to me in a shrink.
The path I took has been wore out with familiar sojourns,
For each built themselves a rusty caverns.

I shut out my world as I drifted after what belongs to Caesar.
What a pleaser?
To me I made a kingdom of golds and wines,
Dine and wine with a life affine to me in disincline.
‘Fast fast fast’, my feet hasten to the beauty silver and gold.
Behold! Oh my sight was cajole.

My journey was cut short, I reached the bank of the river.
For my minks tore as my world shiver.
Time speed me up to old as I aged.
In assuage I tend to rest, but my life speaks in disarray and raged.
Now I have it all to myself,
The story that will be stack on a bookshelf.
In vanity I hasten to the path of desolation,
For all the lives after golds is already in deterioration.

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