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Mashamba Mukovhe

Our love was wide as the earth
Loved her like it was our last
But knew it has become death
I guess the world revolves fast

I’m now left alone with no choice
Lost in mentality for it now shows me things which doesn’t exist
While all I’m dying to hear is her voice
But all she does always is to resist

She always say I do things to seek Attention
Cos she just can’t see that I’m just going through confusion
For whatever she is doing was never part of my expectation
But now it has just brought some tension

In my heart,
My love for her has sank
Everytime she comes I’m my mind
All I think about is ink
Even though she sees my love for her In a glass
To me she will always be my class

I never loved her for what she had
But tried to keep our love secret
And now it turns out that I am who was bad
Besides all of that, loving you brought me no regret

It’s time for me to admit that it’s over
Maybe loving her was all wrong
But I guess my heart will recover
For it is said that men are strong

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