Yesterday I was sad
Sad that I’ll never succeed
Today I’m happy
Happy that I’ve conquered the fear of failure

Yesterday I was alone
Alone with my dark demons
Today I have a friend
A friend that drowns my fears in light-hearted cheers

Yesterday I fell
Fell flat on the floor
Today, on my feet I’m standing
Standing with shoulders high

Yesterday I was blind
Blind to the realities of life
Today I am able to see
To see the beauty in God’s creation

Yesterday I was a nobody
A nobody looked down on by everybody
Today I’m someone
Someone respected by everyone

Yesterday I was broken
Broken-hearted, broken dreams
Today I’m fixed, again with hope
Hope to restructure my life

My yesterday did not define my today
My today will define my tomorrow
My tomorrow lies in my palms
Palms filled with inner workings of my destiny

Yesterday was bad
Today is good
Tomorrow will be better
The day after, better still

I will grow,
Grow to learn
Learn to live
To live life to its fullest.

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