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She Rescued Me

Everyday I lay wasted
in my pile of ruins.
I couldn’t forgive myself
for my countless ills.
My soul became a dark hole
engulfing beauty in part and whole.
Wrecking potential beauties
my damaged self kept unveiling.

Angels came to my rescue
but they couldn’t help me.
Tender maidens did their part
but I still laid helpless.
Help from every corner
still proved fruitless …
Until she came along.

I’ll trade my heart again and again
to give her the comfort she needs.
I’ll walk the path of untold pain
to redeem her from any ill deeds.
I’m ready to forsake any gain
to give her prosperous seeds.

She deserves more than I can ever offer
which can never be compared to what she suffered.
On my behalf she went through the streets of Gehenna
and brought me out the chains of my prison.

She rescued me from the stormy gale
and made my heart brightly hale.
She is my rescuing Nightingale
taking me far from flying whales.

A million virgins cannot take her place
as all I always see is her face.
I still have more days to live
because she rescued me myself relived.

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