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Oh, You Death!

The sky has turned grey with ominious black clouds
The trees writhed and flailed,
Groans of pain carried away by the wind;
Lighting flashed on a far away hillock,
It’s a serpent of brilliant light sent to bite you.

Verily, something is about to happen.
Smoothly, my world is about to change and re-arrange.
I know you can’t feel the race of my heartbeat,
Neither will you see the stream of cries falling over my rock.
Emptiness in my umptiness after losing you.

Like a roller-coaster; my heart is spinning,
And the future without you seems blurry too.
Tell death; there’s still half of your heart here,
And maybe you didn’t tell him, we were a synecdoche.
Tell him to come and grip my hands too!

Oh! You death!
I will rip your heart like you did to her.
I will take your soul too like you took hers
I won’t forgive you for what you did.
I will make your family mourn your morning too!

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