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Mum screamed down to the sitting room that she was pregnant. Father was surprised at the news. My siblings were happy. I didn’t know how to feel about the news. I wasn’t happy. I was devastated. Everything was already complicated in the family.

I quickly shot a glance at my father. He was hugging my mother. I could see the wrinkle of fake expression on his face. His smile wasn’t genuine. He looked back at me. I dashed out of the sitting room immediately. I hated him immediately.

I made it to my room with a heavy heart. Tears rolled down freely. I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt horrible. Disgusted. I felt pity for mum. She doesn’t know the ugly deed that has been committed.

How will I tell her? How will I relate this ugly news to her? How will I start telling her how father and I got drunk on his birthday night and made love unknowingly while she was away with my siblings for couple of days? This is just insane.


I’m also pregnant for him? God!

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