The Demon Within

There’s a greater pandemic
Staring us right in the face:
It’s the demon lying awaiting,
A demon no one is talking about.
He caresses with sweetness the academic
Just in a light of keeping them up to pace.
While he prepares a dulcet baiting
To lead the upright to another route.

There is a demon gathering seeds,
Counting heads of addicted souls.
Laying claims to the once who are weak
Planting thoughts that keeps them lost.
Social immorality, his faithful creed;
The one he highly extols
Undercover ally, wonderful sneak
Youths are filled with lust.

Cybercrime has gotten many behind bars
Yet his disciples have eyes glued to the screen,
They can’t see where they’re going.
High … like some kind of a drug
Many lives are now below par
Even before they clocked eighteen.
This is demon many worship without knowing,
This is the social demon pulling all the plugs.

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