Right or Wrong?

Even my thoughts could be sinful, so I’d first of all seek forgiveness of sins from God almighty
Because I’ve been thinking:
Do we really have right and wrong?
If yes, why do killers go scot free and the ones killed painfully get consumed?
But I thought I was taught killing is wrong?
I hear vengeance is for God but bad people are still living happy lives
I’m wondering if it’s right to do wrong so to make money
Because most of the good people I know are poor while bad ones are rich
Does that mean that wrong is right and right is wrong?
Or does it mean we were taught right as wrong and wrong as right?
Our men of God are the total opposites of what they preach
Selfishly misleading souls against what the Bible teach
Dear God are you not aware of this?
Or is it your plans for them to cause distrust in your own church?
I believe in heaven and hell, I believe in God
But the whites, they gave us the Bible and carried our idols
They said they are fetish yet they are in their museums
They told us it’s sin to marry more than one wife
But they’re mating and marrying their fellow men as wives
Is that not sin too? or wasn’t it written in the bible they gave us?
I want to know if what’s written the Bible is actually the words of God
Or was it manipulated by some people in order to put order or even cause chaos?
Dear God I know I’m asking too much, but I know this particular world wasn’t your plans. Or was it really your plans?
Was this how you made this world to be?
Could it be that I’ve been doing wrong in the name of right and right in the name of wrong?
What if killing someone will grant you eternity
What if fraud, stealing are not really bad things
What if bad governance is right and good governance is wrong.
Is this world a survival of the fittest?
Are you free to do whatsoever it takes so to be successfully and comfortable, even if it goes against the laws of God and man?
All I just want is to know what is right and what is wrong
So I don’t go further doing wrong, thinking is right
Or running away from right, thinking is wrong

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