Mocha Latte

Sweet fairest dawn
engulfed her weary night.
Brightness emerged as she yawns,
installing a pleasant perfect light.

Her living cells could tell
that a perfect day has begun.
And her heart rhythmically swells
as her soul glows with the rising sun.

She wanted something new
to combat what she once knew.
‘Mochaccinos’ for breakfast,
in a bid to forget her past.

She wanted the betrayal gone,
the hate out of her bones.
She wanted a soulmate not a phone,
someone to make her feel not alone.

Espresso with frothy milk is served,
as she yearns for a treat well deserved.
Her taste buds rest in splendor,
in the presence of lattes grandeur.

Yummy recipe of passion,
reminding her of a healed heart.
She want to find candid affection,
egging her to play her part.

Deep breathe with her eyes closed,
she whispered in satisfaction.
“This is a taste of newness,” she said,
an expression of love that would last.

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