Up… On

I bloom at the rise of every sunrise
Sunrise? A bane to my green

I love the seas, oceans, the chilling waves a balm to my aching branch
Tales of such, are myths pardoned

Spring is my favorite. Out of the four, Nature’s smile is quite overwhelming
Is autumn a country? I wouldn’t go.

A day with winter accelerates more desire to be with summer
Get rid of the sanguinity, naïve one

Just like all flowers and butterflies, I need nature’s pollination
Optimism equals temptations.

Says a shaman or you? Great eye for the unknown
Thine root have more stick than grounds, little one

As my stem shall flaunt shades opposite down.
Axes forget, not me now

Seasonal dance has faerie magic potions for thou weary and fatigued
I smell fruits of innocence on firm grasp
Pollens signs alas! they are here safe, finally!

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