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Confidence: Overconfidence and Underconfidence

Self-confidence is a self-assurance. It’s a pity we have few females who have this attribute. Some females are overconfident while some under-confident.

The overconfident ones think of themselves as supreme; they believe they have it all, they have much trust in themselves that they tend to belittle others. Females with this attribute are proud and full if themselves. Overconfidence kills, it has actually put some females into unnecessary trouble. Those who are over confident usually have a quality which makes them think they are the best and better than all; attibutes such as beauty, wealth, intelligence, knowledge and so on. No matter how much you have achieved or attained don’t allow it get into your head.

Underconfidence is a state of mind in which someone has little or no trust in themselves. They have low self-esteem and believe nothing good can come from them. Many African females belong to this group. We have been taught not to talk, we have been made to realise that we are inferior, the meek gender. Our childhood memories have made it worse as three out of five girls are being abused one way or the other. All these has led to underconfidence in most African women.

As a female, no matter which category you find yourself try to strike a balance. Don’t be overconfident and at the same time don’t be underconfident. I’m using this medium to tell you that you are beautiful, unique and special in your own way, but you are not better than others.

Be a woman with confidence.

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