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Martyrs of War

Painful pain,
Sorrowful sorrow,
Long lasting feelings of trauma
Forever mood of sadness;
It will take time to heal, they say
But this wound will take forever.
I should have known,
I should have been told the day and hour
Maybe I would have treated you more than I did
Yes, I would have treated you like a precious stone.

A rare one!
How can I forget the beautiful face?
How can I forget the pretty smile?
How can I forget those?
Why did you have to go so soon?
Momma cried before you took the step
Maybe she had seen the future
Friends warned
But you chose your country over your life
Cursed or adamant?

With beautiful smile
Though only seen on the face
But never down to the heart, we gave freedom a chance.
The smell of death, an aroma we detest
But we are forced to eat from it
With hopeful spirit,
To the battle front
Just to face death
Choosing our life over theirs,
Trading their precious life for ours.

Solemn promises to protect the masses,
pledging to serve the country,
taking the country’s bullet,
fighting for the nation,
patriotic till the end,
till death comes.
farewell to their loved ones,
cheerio to their country,
Awaiting dreams of merriment;
Oh, selfless being!

Are you born for war?
Born to protect?
Born to die?
No! Born to beshield
Defender of the nation
With kisses, we said goodbye,
With tears, we bid them farewell
With the biggest hug, they bid us adieu
Toast to our martyrs!
A solder, a sacrificed lamb.

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