Diary of a Woman

I’m a woman, I suffer the pain in the relationship;
I carry the guilt and sadness,
I’m called names because of love they said I don’t deserve,
I find peace in the warmth of his arms
And at the end, I’m treated like a vagrant,
Leaving me with the painful memories.

I’m a woman, I don’t have right;
my rights are taken away from me just because I’m a skirt,
My mouth, fashioned with a locks,
Buried in silence
I longed for the freedom of speech
But I was never given.

I’m a woman, I suffer the pain of labour;
Yet, I own not the child but he who never knew the pain.
The ‘helly’ agony of child birth
Thanks to fate, I lived;
Enduring to bring another ‘skirt’ to life
Yet, I never complained.

I’m a woman, I’m called the wife;
But suffer like a maid
And treated like a slave.
I grew up to believe I’m a servant to my husband,
I work throughout the day, including the night
Yet I’m not appreciated.

I’m a woman, I’m a mother;
I train the children,
Do the chores and make sure the children are safe
The agony of sleepless night is just a shadow that keeps following,
Yet, the bad ones are called mine
Is there no trait from their father?

I’m a woman, I’m a cook;
Feeding multitudes.
With my hands, always wiping my eyebrow
Making sure nobody starves
Even when I’m in my dying bed
Yet, I’m called a bad chef.

I’m a woman, I’m prone to molestation;
My pride and future are nipped at the early stage
All because of the five minutes enjoyment.
Throwing me to everlasting pain
That I never bargained for
Yet, I’m blamed for all.

I’m a woman, I’m the weaker vessel
My heart, the fragile one, made me weak
It falls too easily even when I trained it not to
But sorrow, accompanied me out
And caught under the pain of regret
Yet, I’m mocked by the one it falls for

Here I am,
Caught between life,
Trying to be happy with myself
And cheerful with no regret that I’m a skirt
Filled with the hopes that exist in my imagination
Yet, they said, I caused the pain in life

I’m a skirt,
I’m neither a slave nor a maid
I’m born for freedom
To be treated equally
And not like an outcast
I’m a woman, I’m bold, beautiful and proud of being one.

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