Definition of Family

There’s this thing about family
When you really think about it
God was united in the Trinity to create everything
Things inanimate and things living.
We have the drops of water fusing together to form the sea
and without the waters is a question on how our living would be.
The Earth of which we were formed
never forget to open its mouth to receive its own.
The birds of the sky fly so high around what is unseen
a mere mixing and agreement of gases.
As danger looms, the mother hen gathers her chicken
fighting all asunder in thick and thin.
How sweet has life seemed to be?
seasoned by sweetness from the always busy bees.
Could a team of eleven ever understand what chemistry is?
the unseen covalent phenomenon that enable them hit their goal.
What is this thing about the family and its bond
that is more than being related but blood?
Family means a whole lot of things to different people
it is more than just my Dad, mom and I.
It’s more than the red ink called blood
but dwelling in a place built on love.
A place you never feel alone
because you’re truly at home.
A family is a place where I get to be me
no pretence, we just disagree to agree.
Yes, sometimes we may fuss and fight
but it’s just a means to set things right.
A family places her neck on the line
coming to rescue at the stitch of time.
A family can be likened to a giant tree
whose growth is determined by something hidden.
Hidden from the sight and everything above
A true family is defined by the wonder root called Love.

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