My belly is screaming: “Abba stop, I’m already full”
My body is smiling: “Now I’m growing bigger like a bull”
My throat is yearning: “Enough of wines, that’s cold”
But the grape, I like the taste of it, it continues to pull me.

Oh, wait, have you watched the documentary of those kids in Yemen, Libya, Syria?
I mean look at these beautiful faces, they are IDPs from Nigeria
My soul is shattered at the thought of this, I mean there’s a lot going on,
Would my little food, drink and cloth put a smile on them?
Would my prayers reach them?

Now, I know Eid-fitr is not just for wining and dining
But a season of love, prayers and helping,
giving, cherishing and caring,
Your Moddu Nabbi is awaiting,
spread peace, love and unity, restore humanity.
Taqqabblalahi minna wa minnkum.

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