• Photo of Arúgbó ń ṣ’oge and Other Poems

    Arúgbó ń ṣ’oge and Other Poems

    Fast rising Nigerian poet and writer, Flourish Joshua recently launched his most anticipated collection of poems, Arúgbó ń ṣ’oge last Saturday, 4th of April, 2020. The multi-award d Winning poet…

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  • Photo of Stop the Pattern of Despair

    Stop the Pattern of Despair

    As great as one can be Everyone trips. When they stumble, They fall. For fig trees dry up The cedar is cut down The sky darkens While the sun hides…

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  • Photo of The Prince’s Choice

    The Prince’s Choice

    Black and beautiful Plump like a pumpkin Result of a harvest full Black and beautiful. Round hips Curvaceous and smooth Moved with every move And with rolling hips Hair as…

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  • Photo of Dear Childhood

    Dear Childhood

    Dear childhood! In your majesty, I bow my adulthood The time of dancing in the rain, Happily peeing in my pant without worries Moments of running around nakedly without shame!…

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  • Photo of Blueberry


    When the wind of suffering touches you and the rays of hardship fall on you. And you wallow in sorrow because you think your life is hollow. Then your taste…

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  • Photo of We Shall Be Free

    We Shall Be Free

    Out on the streets with music and dancing Ladies on colourful gowns feeling gay Men gathered around, smiling and drinking Children laughing, running and eager to play The fears have…

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  • Photo of The Beauty of Light

    The Beauty of Light

    Even history cannot deny its essence. Oh what a life (Jesus) that lights up every man in the world. Light brings hope Long for it. Light gives salvation Gladly accept…

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  • Photo of Cascading


    We bathe in constant fear a stale routine we adore. Afraid of another day we wear a war attire to fight the odds we create in fear Ash! A little…

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  • Photo of Nightmare


    The sun has gone to his hidden cradle in sanity, Superseded by grisliness to watch over the planet of humanity. This is not a pleasantry or a mere night, But…

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  • Photo of Oh Poetry

    Oh Poetry

    Oh Poetry! Thou have saved me from self doom Grain by grain, a loaf of immortal couch, quenching my feral hunger of lost Stone by stone, a castle of rhymes…

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  • Photo of My Dream

    My Dream

    They called me names, They called me failure They mocked me ‘Cause they saw me down I lived in pain, Wanting to change my identity ‘ Cause what I am…

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  • Photo of What a Fool

    What a Fool

    Bhuyaa! Look out everyone! He is a coming… with his goods to sell… to those caught in his spell. Who is that?… with a clown hat… to stray the throng…

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  • Photo of Christ Month

    Christ Month

    God who has blessed us, And chose us before the foundation of the world, He predestined us through Christ, Blessed us through Christ, We have redemption through Christ, And wisdom…

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  • Photo of Frenemies


    We’re friends; We’re staggering butterflies Moving time forward and backward In nebulous aspirations and dreams. The tree of our memory Has crossed the fence of time To hang on our…

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  • Photo of Be Long Where You Belong

    Be Long Where You Belong

    Of what use is a clock without an hour or second to work with, Or a first without a second and a length without a breadth. Of what service is…

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  • Photo of The Night’s Awake

    The Night’s Awake

    The night’s awake! A sleep of the sunlight and its rays, shadows rising from the west. Then, higher, higher, O’er all the sky so dark, forlorn, The spec of dusk…

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  • Photo of My Journey

    My Journey

    If you were burnt where are your ashes? If you drowned why don’t you float? If you were shot where is the trail of your blood? If you you were…

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  • Photo of What Is Love?

    What Is Love?

    Is it the quickie beneath the shaded mango tree? Is it the random kisses when words fail to express? Is it the several entanglements on our bed of love, When…

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  • Photo of Poet’s Path

    Poet’s Path

    Knock before you enter my room Because it is scattered with papers at all time But don’t be angry That’s how poets do If you see me scratching my head…

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  • Photo of I’m Not A Poet

    I’m Not A Poet

    I’m not a poet, I’m so pained to be one. I’m not a poet Because poetry is a religion. I’m not a poet When I traveled six feet To resurrect…

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