Sierra Leone Independence

On this day in 1961,
The lioness breaks,
From the shackles of imperialism,
Becomes queen of her jungle.

Romarong! Romarong!
The freedom is costly,
The lioness’s cubs roar in despair,
From the bitter wind of imperialism.

Their lives are taken,
To get what’s rightfully theirs,
But with one mind,
The surviving pack fight back.

After 200 years,
The brave cubs of the lioness succeed,
The fight against the imperialist,
Hurray! What a historic victory?

But for freedom to continue,
We must pray for these brave cubs,
Who sacrifice their precious lives,
And redeem their lioness,
From the pernicious web of imperialism,
To the freedom we’re now enjoying.

Dear Lord,
On this 59th anniversary of our lioness,
Forgive the mistakes of our brave heroes,
Reward them the highest paradise,
Make the lion mountain great,
And grant her total independence.


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