Inside A Book

I opened a book and in I strode,
I once wanted to visit a magical land,
I drank a magic portion,
Fought with dragons and dinosaurs,
I saw a unicorn, a rare horse with a horn,
I met Cinderella and the seven dwarfs,
Shrek was a rare gem in a land far far away.

I once dreamt of princes and palaces,
To be rescued by a prince in shinning armor,
To witness a true loves kiss,
And to live happily ever after.

I have visited an ancient village,
Met Okonkwo the great westler,
Went through his glory and pain,
How the great fell, I saw it all.

I have seen horror too,
Saw necks twisting and snapping ,
Seen the horror behind closed doors,
Witnessed the deaths before it happens.

I have seen men betray their close pals,
Wives stab husbands’ in the back,
I have seen the crimes before they were committed,
Followed the sleuth apprehensively to solve a murder,
I have seen everything gory and all.

All these I have seen and more,
Inside the pages of books; I have travelled,
Far and near and in between world’s,
I like the picture, the chills and suspense,
For inside a could go anywhere
And I can be anyone.

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