Mama warned: “Please don’t go to war,”
Sister cried: “Why fight another man’s battle?”
But he left through the backdoor for war
He sneaked out to fight his country’s battle.

He gave his lover his words that he’ll come home
He partied with fellow soldiers like it was their last night
They promised themselves not die away from home
But to return in glory and victory after the fight.

He wore his helmet, tied his boots and cocked his gun
He joined to chant in unison “Not today!”
He recalled his Mama’s words, wished not to have gone
But heard commander’s voice: “Let’s save our country today!”

The war is served, very spicy, hot and aromatic
With some grenades and bullets as snacks
Glasses of fresh blood to cheer and drink
Cut arms and legs to serve as meat
What a lunch he never expected.

Mate, never cry for him, be proud of him
Tell Mama her son died a great soldier
Tell his lover he has gone home anyway
Tell his country he sacrificed his life
So that she can live to remember him!

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