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Total Fear

I don’t know if I would ever tell her that the only reason I’m friends with her was because of her father. I just arrived at my department that day when I saw this man standing on the staircase. He was good looking and chubby. I mistook him to be a lecturer.

He called me while I was passing, I thought he needed something; maybe to buy something for him. Instead he engaged me in a conversation and we got talking. While he was leaving, he dropped a message for me.

“Please look after my daughter. You’re a good person. I can tell. Stay with her always.”

I looked at the girl he pointed at. She was about the same age with me. I looked at the man, nodded and waved him goodbye. I walked swiftly to the girl, said “hello” and we got chatting.

“Hey, I saw your father just now. Is he a lecturer?” I asked smiling.

She paused, her facial expression changed, maybe I asked something I shouldn’t have asked. “You met who?”

I wanted to talk, she shut me immediately.

“Don’t ever ask that question again, don’t try to ruin my mood. And… my father died years ago.”

I was left in shock and total fear.

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