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Take Me Back

Take me back,
To a time when we had no worries,
A time when we knew no fear,
When we didn’t always play it safe,
When we were not bogged down by rules and procedures.

Take me back,
To a time when a million dreams was all I had to my name,
Yet I felt powerful,
I believed I could do anything, I could be anything,
I had the world at my feet.

Take me back,
To when we were kids,
To when our imaginations ran wild,
When we knew no limitations,
When we had no ceiling to worry about.

Take me back,
To the time before my wings were clipped,
To a time when I was free,
Free to reach for the sky,
Free to stretch out as far as I could.

Take me back,
To the time before I was regimented,
Told what to do, what to say, what to think,
The time before I was beaten to submission,
By condition, the economy and the harsh forces of reality.

Take me back,
To what it was before I saw the world as it really is,
A cruel, unforgiving place,
Take me back to when I didn’t have to fight tooth and nail,
Just to make it through the day.

Take me back,
To the time before my dreams were stolen,
The time before my hopes were crushed,
Take me back,
To before the hustle became real.

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