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Baby why, why me?
Were all the promises for a show? Luring me into your spell, showering me with your love.
Yet you left without a word
Throwing everything we had in the mud, questions rising in my mind.
What wrong did I commit? Was I not enough for you? Was I not pretty?
What did I do to deserve this? I need answers

I nursed my heart, baby
Wounds that were your own doing I’m numb from the pain
Tears dry—emotionless
All I feel right now is hatred, the anger in me is killing me
Yet there is a part of me that still wants you, hopeful that you will come my way
And give me answers.

I saw you with the blond, your smile so broad
I even heard you moved abroad, Leaving me all broken,
Crying myself to sleep, cursing under my breath
You didn’t have to do me this dirty, I never asked for it
Who hurt you this much to hurt me? I was innocent, Daniel!
You are the only man that completes me, and you know it.
Yet you left,
I need answers.

Why do I feel so betrayed?
Did you have to kill what we had so soon? Why didn’t I see the signs?
I gave you my heart,
You played my emotions like soccer.
To you I was one of your conquests, an easy prey
I thought I was your flower, Daniel! You left without a word,
It wasn’t fair
I need answers, DANIEL.

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