Who Do They Think They Are?

Snobbish girls are same as rubbish—
Like matter, but don’t really matter—
If they are pretty, it’d make matters worse.
Who do they think they are?

I need someone to ‘loud’ it in their ears—
Let it sink into their skull and
Consciously sub in their subconscious mind,
That not all boys on the street are ‘street boys’
And not all boys that play are ‘playboys.’

When we say “Hi”,
They steal a gaze.
And if we attempted to speak further,
They’d think we are wooers,
Wanting to woo another’s woo.

Many trade, but aren’t traders.
Many sell things, but things don’t sell.
If we keep addressing by the dress,
Forsaking the personality in the dress,
Where do we place the poor learned man?

Flourish Joshua
[email protected]
IG • @fjspeaks

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