My Job

I am a friend, that’s my job.
I am a son, that’s my job.
I am a brother, that’s my job.

As the shell encapsulates the egg white and the egg yoke,
We are encapsulated in the life we were born to live.
Sometimes not as we assume or presume,
But we are liaised with nature to ensue.
Early birds, early worms, all working towards a balance.
The hawk in the sky, and the birds on the earth, each performing their duties.

Everyone with different job descriptions, but all equalling one thing:
We are all one piece in a puzzle.
Some big, some small and some with no picture on them, just colors.

At the end of your life, judging from your actions right now or the path you’re on.
Would you be said to have not just existed but left a legacy.

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