Maybe we do have to shove aside our indifference
Maybe then we can be different
Maybe we don’t need to stand among
Maybe by doing so we can stand tall
Maybe we don’t need to embrace mediocrity
Maybe there’s more to our reality
Maybe we don’t need to beat them to join them
Maybe the only way to beat them is by keeping company away from their company

Maybe you don’t need to belong to become
Maybe the real sense of belonging is not trying to belong
Maybe trying to belong will not prove your true worth

Maybe if the chicken had tried flying maybe it really would have flied
Rather than keeping company with the low birds of the earth maybe it would pitch its tent with eagles in sky high

Maybe change is worth trying
Maybe there’s nothing to lose if you fall by trying to fly
Maybe if you had not embraced mediocrity, maybe you really would have led the desired change league

The thoughts of my head while on my bed …

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