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When I Wake Up

Meeting him was like a miracle,
Everything still seems like a dream,
He looks like one of the gods,
Sent from above for a mission,
He walks like that of Orunmila,
Clean foot with white clothes,
That made every lady put down their pride.

He is neither a prince nor a king,
Every princess wants his attention,
He is neither a guard nor a military man,
Every woman feels safe while being around him,
He crossed my path,
He came to my life,
The reason was not clear,
Maybe he’s meant to teach me,
How pain feel like,
Or how love feel like.

I shouldn’t have listened to his love poem,
I should have put a brigade,
When I saw him walking towards me,
I should have left my heart how it was.

Should I call him a lesson or a blessing?
Should I call it the war of love or the cry of love?
Should I call the feelings love or lust?
My body feels like having more of the love,
My heart feels like it’s a poison,
I should follow my heart,
But the poison is incurable.

Odo oba ti kun bayii,
But it wasn’t all my fault,
His caring can be compared to none,
His eyes were full of love,
His innocent face was like that of an orphan.

Blame me not,
How can someone be so different,
From who you think he is?
There’s no right way to go about it,
We are all trying to get to the same place,
The place where we feel happiest the most,
Where we feel being ourselves,
A place where we feel alive.

I feel like we are two in the world,
When every other thing seems unclear,
I can see his smile,
In a water with dirts,
In air full of smokes,
All good things were present,
All I wanted was to hold his hands,
I can’t say if he left my hands,
Or he never held them before.

I wanted to get rid of the memories,
I burnt the clothes we shared,
I tore the letters he sent,
I stopped going where we’ve been together,
I stopped listening to the songs he love,
I texted him on phone,
Let’s go on different paths,
We faced different directions,
I hope we meet out there one day.

I let go of memories,
When I met this cute girl,
With an innocent smile,
Bearing three of my names,
I got to know that her father is the love I lost,
I got an answer to my unasked question,
I think he never forget me too,
And that set me free.

As each second never goes,
Without remembering us of our love,
I hope he still remembers my nomenclature,
I hope he never forgets everything we shared,
If there’s chance up there,
When there’s no race and death,
Let’s meet again to continue where we stopped.

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