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The Wicked Invisible Stranger (Covid-19)

Be lost, oh, you wicked invisible stranger!
Who has exposed the world to an extreme danger.
We care not your origin, as your afflictions have left us boring.
You jet around the world ungraciously and stealthily snatching the lives of our beloved ones.
You vehemently exposed our health unpreparedness, leaving our health scientists in dilemma.

Oh, you wicked invisible stranger!
What has the world done to you?
Your invasion dictates the world’s economies to dwindle. Your presence wipes away democracy and introduces to us monocracy: Now, our right to life has vanished, our freedom of movement curtailed, our freedom to attend religious worship denied, our right to education compromised, our cultural right sent to rest and our right to work deprived.

Oh, you wicked invisible stranger!
Why are you so cruel to mankind?
You tactically bring colonialism to existence and order us to wash our clean hands, maintain social distancing and worst of all command us to avoid touching our nose and eyes that closer to ourselves.
We fight to maintain sovereignty.
But you are as dangerous as an atomic bomb with no respect for humanity.
You ruthlessly take our souls with impunity and deny us burial rights.

Oh, you wicked invisible stranger!
You are just a mere creation, who has left hopeless all nations through your painful afflictions.
You dropped into the thought of every human and made worldwide your discourse the order of the day.
You turned the braves to hypochondriacs, the genius to idiots, obeying your directives senselessly.

Oh, mankind! I beseech you all to call upon the Almighty to eliminate this wicked invisible stranger.
Oh, Lord! crucify and sink this wicked invisible stranger deep into the thick fire of hell. Hold it hostage to never surface the universe.

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