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New Heaven

I could tell I saw paradise
when I looked at myself in her eyes;
the gates of pearl opened wide,
to grant me a safe pass into the street of gold.

I knew I found paradise,
when she said, “Come into the city of your desire.
“Come to me with your heart on fire,
to ignite my love that never gets tired.”

As the only angel, goddess and queen in the paradise
she accepted my heart as a sacrifice.
She guided my heart to a quiet place
meant for the faithful few.

Then she took me to her fountain of love
and showed me the face of love.
We also climbed her mountain of ecstasy
and I felt brand new again.

She immortalized my heart in the new heaven
and translated my being to level seven.
I’ve been saved from the hell of a strange woman
into her royal courts of glorification.

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