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I’m losing my mind
Insanity is raging within
Scars are bleeding all over again
I swear
I’m losing my mind
There are cracks within
Wounds adorn my hands
Jagged lines drawn on my thighs
I’m sinking in the dark
Drowning in this desolation

I’m losing it all
Sinking into the abyss
I wanna hold on
Just a little bit longer, I promise
Just for a short while, I swear
But I know
I’m truly losing

Do you know,
Do you understand,
What it feels like to sink,
What it feels like to surrender,
To silently take the dark as home?

Maybe I wanna hold on
For one second I wanna see the light
But the dark is stronger
It’s taking all of me
Draining all of me away

I’m losing my mind
To the desolation within I’m losing
I’m drowning
To the devils eating my soul
I’m falling
Into the abyss I wished to run from.

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