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Omo Labake Asake, just as her mother fondly calls her. She was the most beautiful lady in Ayegbon village. She was in her early twenties. Labake had the most beautiful smile in the world. She was plumpy, curvy and a little bit tall, a kind of appearance that would make a man to look twice at a lady. “Labake orente ‘o pon bi ole awe,” (a very fair lady); her hair, golden as the sun, her shone eyes like the sky, her skin shines and glowed like the stars , her gaze was heavenly. Talk about her dimple and gapped teeth, they were desirable. Most of all, her intelligence was seductive. So, every man wanted to have her in their lives

Nobody knew the human angel who had been sending romantic letters to Labake. This guy continued to send her letters and she started getting carried away with his alluring words.

Olakunle was the shy type. He didn’t know how to confront a lady, talk more of wooing her. But his wooing power was buried in the ink of his pen and the lyrics of his letters.

On this day, Labake’s anonymous lover had promised to come visit her, in his last letter to her. Labake had looked good for him already. She put on her best dress, and her best smile. She was eager and nervous at the same time.

Sadiku, a very popular man in the neighboring village had been eying Labake, unknown to Olakunle and Labake herself. Sadiku’s face was deceitful. He was a handsome young man who knew how to make women dance to the tune of his kongo drum. He was promiscuous. The villagers knew but it was so difficult for a lady to escape from his seductive grip.

Sadiku decided to visit Labake, the same day her anonymous lover promised to visit.

Olakunle got to the entrance of Labake’s door, he wanted to find a good place to put his bicycle. He placed his bicycle in a good position and turned to the entrance, then he saw Omo Labake in the arms of another man. She took Sadiku for Olakunle.

He lost his only and best opportunity to win the most beautiful lady in his village to himself.

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