“Memories” — A Poem by AnikeBeloved

When the crickets assembled
and voiced their excitement in one accord;
When the frogs complained of cold
and their baritone increased in folds,
We gathered too,
Making laughter our only tool
To channel the past to the present.

Cackles broke shackles
of a long time misunderstanding.
Folks went on a stroll
of mixed dose of emotions—
Eyes glimmered with tears
as teeth shimmered with outbursts.
Cheeks planned a visit to Masseuses.

Once upon a time
spiced the air like thyme.
A time which once was
rang a bell in the home of events,
the present time came to welcome it—
Happenings on record reeled out
as lines moved from tongue to tongue.
Yells of yes did the judge.

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