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Alice, allow me wander through your Wonderland,
Let my hands walk over the corridors of your curves as I take you to Neverland.
Like a royal highness,
Let me treat your cat like a lioness.
With magnificence will I adore this pot of gold in a sliver dress.

I will take you where my heart is,
Just take your hand to where my pen is
And write me the book of romance.
Of stories that touch till it touches the peak of the tower in France.

Big bed, big dreams, big arse,
Take me to the moon, I’ll take you to planet Mars,
69, 96, these numbers don’t lie,
Of a truth, the true carnal pleasure of all time.

I will make you drip like a rainy day,
Sweet silly sayings, how much more can your tongue say?
I will make your hips hop when I hit you with the music,
This savouring sweetness that turn a superwoman to a super freak.

A round of applause for my boo!
You made this so pleasurable.
We can’t stop eating each other,
Let’s turn this bedroom into a dining table,
What else is more complementary?
What a sexperience! This is sextreme! It is sextraordinary…

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