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To Afrikan Fathers and Mothers of This Age and the Coming: Listen Well

Hear my words, depicting truth, although, they might seem like a downpour beating the earth, do well to pay your attentive ears.

In your bare palms, begins the foundation of this land. How you handle the younger ones will foretell the future. What likely seed do you grow in the souls of your children: hatred? love? or you chameleonize them to central theme of abuse? Answer these questions yourselves, in your dear mind.

If then, in them, they are being taught hatred or rather being chameleonized to the headlines of abuse and perversion. They will sprout and grow up to be hawks hunting for prey, and as Beautiful Nubia says “…when you abuse a child, he grows up into a rapist; he grows up into a robber; he grows up into one of these horrible, useless politicians who can’t think of others.” Yes, this is what a child who is being abused grows up to be. Those who are breeds of hatred of other colours, of other races, of other tribes, will grow up to be internet fraudsters, the cyber “yahoo boys” both males and females. And the likes of these people also grow up to be a racist, who had never wanted to see the blacks or whites, Igbo or Hausa, melanin or albinos come their sight, owing to the wrong history they have been fed with. They promote xenophobia and racism, and grow up to continue wallowing in most extreme hatred. And those who are being abused sexually right from childhood grow up to be a rapists, call girls, philanderers, and sex maniacs. This is what they grow up to be—the unexpected expectations.

How then do we correct a child right from infancy, not to be a severe liability to the society, not to be a notorious thug, inflicting menacing soporific to those who live on the street, neither a rapist who incurs everlasting pains to the humanity? You can only do this, not by severe and persistent beating to correct the misdeeds of a child, nor by inflicting permanent marks on the body of a child; rather you feed them love, embrace them with reality and truth: if this can be done by the use of your Holy Bible, your Sacred Qur’an, the traditional tools, Ifa divination, then it’s wonderful. It’s good you tell them the truth now through the use of these things, else, you see them turn to be the cause of your heavy tears. Protect and prevent the youngsters from turning to rapists by unchaining the effect of seeing adult scenes, or rather you chase them away from it to curb unannounced palaver in the nearby future. Tell them the right histories; the negatives ones and the positive ones. Feed them not with the wrong information, because when they finally find the truth—you will be got served with remnants.

And if then, they are being brought up by love and being nurtured rightly without feeding them the wrong histories of our primitive ages, when you are always on the alert to teach them, the youngsters the truth founded not on the bad groundwall of religious views and notions, of blunt traditional superstitions that frown upon love and humanity, they will fortunately grow up to be the better adults that we have always wanted them to be: to give selfless service to the society, to the community, to the nation, and to the world entirely, without second thoughts, without the feeling of tribalism and racial segregation, nor differences in religious background.

And to be successful in all these, Beautiful Nubia says, “We have to start unwinding our heads, and changing the way we think, the way we do everything,” until then, yes, until we change our reasoning, our mentality, will we be fine in this land. And do always remember that foundation does matter.

P.S: This land won’t be better until we learn how to embrace the truth.

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