Psalm of Victoria

Making the decision to get to the top wasn’t very easy
I walked through the valley of hopelessness
Shielded with anguish.

I walked through
The brooks of my fear
Right at the other side
In a dark alley of my mind
Where I was stripped of my prized confidence.

I walked amidst their snares,
And it felt
Like a tug of who
Will laugh the loudest
If I fall.

My soul was burdened with negativity
Intertwined with subjectivity

Their mouth filled with malice and wickedness

They hold themselves in high esteem
Yet they have nothing to show

I hear my own heart beats,
The silence
Each minute to this very
I felt I had been succumbed
To be their prey

I fear they will feast
Till I am all bones

I felt suffocated by their spewing of words immersed in doubts

What marvels me is that they laugh with me
Yet they backstab me


An aura of hope in me beckons
Igniting a light ahead
Like a watchtower
Only I could see

As I am overwhelmed
Possessed by a demon
Much more greater than fear.

But this is no demon

What demon could
Light up your path
Without falling the thinnest star?

What demon
Would be a light
Lurking behind
Hundreds of my darkness?

What demon
Would ignite sparks of strength in me?

What demon could serve as a buckler ready to wipe away every fear?

The tiny lights flickered in me
Becoming a flame
A flame to ignore all odds
A flame to break all laws of probability
A flame breathed on by an aura
Aura of my own confident.

A flame that burns every negative calories
A flame that shuns away bad energy
A flame that inspires me to do more

Now I cast my last rope,
Over my Everest
At least one foot taller than the rest
I had learnt the ropes

Now I hang my flag
In victory
For all to see
I am Victoria.

Naa Dromor & Phoenix Kaycee

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