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Morning Dew

On waking up
I saw the smile
Coming from a mile

Fresh upon your eyes
You said yes
Never thought your eyes we clogged

It’s fresh
I recall vividly
The strong winds
Blowing amidst us but you stood strong

Hands on the shoulder
Legs on the thigh
High we felt
As our thoughts below the belt

The waves grew stronger
The sun rays hotter
Swaying you started

Like a morning dew
You evaporated
Never to withstand the hot rays
Melted away as iceberg on the equator

Can’t you withstand?
Weren’t they rumours?
I said heed not
But advise as dot

Oxalis bitter to the teeth
Spitting as the option
Why? Why?

Greek you spoke
I heard you not
What win you?
When you betray

Like a morning dew you flew

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