Hello Darkness!

Hello, Darkness,
we have started well,
right in the middle of somewhere
you came and shade our path
with a host of black cloud.
Hello darkness!
why did you shade the day
With your black light keeping my folks off the track
when the day was born Already.
Hello darkness!
why are you alive when the cock
had already raise it’s early morning alarm,
that it’s a new day.
Hello darkness!
go to bed it’s morning time now,
It’s not yet your turn, toddlers are off their cradle bed,
yearning to glance at the spots of cloud
On the blue sky.
Hello darkness!
stay home, stay safe
Let’s there be light,
fade away like a wave tossed in the ocean
Let love fill the the atmosphere.
Hello sun shine in our life,
touch our heart let us smile again.

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