I Need My Kidney Back

In your absence, my love,
Every prose I wrote was of the long roads to our hearts,
Each line described our old deserted homes,
And I read each piece to little Musa,
The infant you left in my womb before you were gone…

And each day I looked at the sunset,
Behind the hills where we would share laughter in the dusk
Across the stream where you would hide in the reeds to watch me bathe,
Even the crickets stopped applauding with laughter like they did before…

I told little Musa that one day you would appear,
That he too did have a father like his peers
Not like Joshua who tried to rape me instead
Nor like Jimmy your father who kicked us from his homestead,

I sought for your shadow even in the woods,
And the remnant of you was your favourite hood
See I wore it so as to smell your sweat,
Just as I gave you my kidney so you in peace you don’t rest…

Rumors had it you were a big man in the city,
The village gossipers too said you never were sick,
And so it was true you lied it was kidney failure,
I was foolish not to know you left me with love failure…

In your absence my parents couldn’t host me and your son,
Your father said he didn’t want to see me under the sun,
And in distress I thought I developed liver failure,
Now I know I was mistaken this is love failure…

Tell me how does it feel Mr. C.E.O,
And your new wife seated beside on the passenger seat,
And my kidney which was just meant as a financial breakthrough,
Tell me if it is worth to ask for my kidney back!

For the ashes alive amidst dead smoke

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