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Maybe God Is To Be Blamed
Okezie, my love, My heart bleeds; truly it does, because I know that you don't deserve this pain, this torture that I am putting you through. But believe me, it's for the best. Why do I think this is the best option? Because I can't stand it any more; I can't stand the accusing eyes, neither can I stand the hurtful...
My Dirtiest Secret
I shivered as the cool breeze from the evening brushed my skin The trees swayed from left to right in the same manner as if rehearsed Birds perched from one tree to another as they sang independently and melodiously Tranquility and serenity engulfed the atmosphere but my mind was in great turmoil I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see Buba approach...

The Fear Demon

The Fear Demon
There's an entity in me A demon that feeds on my fears And my fears are fuels to my life source So they're eternally available This demon has a familiar aura And a familiar behavior Like my brain, he doesn't sleep And he always stays hungry When he feeds, I always feel it He sends ripples of electric waves Through my brain And goosebumps through my body "You're an inferior being" "You...

A Closed Leg

A Closed Leg
Mama said, "Don't let any boy see your pants" Mama said, "If you close your legs properly, men would cherish you" Mama said, "Men adore women who do not give into sex In summary Mama said, "My daughter, close your legs properly for the right man." But mama forgot one thing; Mama forgot the lives and times of their time The times when the clock...


After he escaped the fangs of the colonists he thought he is the prince of the futurists. Self acclaimed glorious path to enthrone his name on the globe. But he missed the signs, the signs of conversion into what they wanted him to be. A robot of the first world design tasked with his master's concern. His heritage enslaved, pride shaved, wealth coveted, health perverted... Oh! He is a decorated toy saddled...

Used 2

Used 2
Dad used to come back home with the tenacious fetor of cigarettes and paint pummeled on his t-shirt. I used to sit in melancholy on his heaving chest and admiring this transcendence scent. I always imagined it like vodka and cranberry juice, my tastebuds itching for a delicate taste. My fragile ears always listening to the awkward way his heart reverb. ***** Staring out...
Behind the Sin II
When you see my sin, But haven't seen the unseen Or unveiled the veil, Don't be swift to judge I, George. I am that fellow that fell low Whom the Lord shall forgive And fore-give his spirit If I turn from my weak-head ways. Don't prey on me. Simply scorn me not. I shall be strong again in the Lord As I know the race isn't to the swift. Albeit, I've...

In You

In You
You strengthen my loose blocks My wall grows with your beauty Your voice is my favorite song I'm singing along when you speak during the day and at night Like white clouds making love to the blue sky, So, shall I drink from you and never eat your meat Your touch is a hidden island with green vegetation Let me sink in your cup of...
Is This Hate?
Having known someone like you for so long, Having known your likes and dislikes, Having known the best and worst of you, Though much bad than good: This question ceases to leave my mind... Have you ever imagined my feelings so far? Have you for once questioned my anger for long? Your callousness is something else, So I ask, "IS THIS HATE?"
The Alarm Clock
The alarm clock would go off by 4.59am, Mama would sweep into your room swiftly, her nightgown making whispery swish swish sounds like rustling of dry leaves in harmattan. "Adachukwu, wake up, it's time to pray. Bịa, ka anyị kpe ekpere," she would say and shake you so much that the pink card on your bedpost which read: "Natural beauty...
Last Entry
The pounding of the heart can speak a lot of things—fear, arousal, excitement, curiosity, sadness, and even death—as it slowly ceases its movement. All these heartbeats, one's heart can tell. But I'm most accustomed to hearing two—arousal and fear. I am connected to both so much that I can hear it a mile away. How did I get this uncommon...


Take me back to the days: When life was awesome When everything went my way No matter how much I was troublesome When my biggest problem was taking a bath But I love my plate of cereal of wheat When I didn't care about getting fat Even if I only ate pork meat Throwback to those days: When I thought this world was not just seethe But also extremely...
Just One Mistake
It takes a moment, just a mistake for everything to crumble. It takes just a moment for all you thought you built carefully to come crushing down. At that moment, all your past labours and achievements are not important and no one seems to care. It is all about that moment. Who cares if you have won 50 billion the previous day? All...
I'm Hearing
Her voice is a vacuum, Her tears dry in sickness. She is saying to me, "My feelings are dry bones A wind of life can't raise My heart is a deep hole No man can reach it's ending." At night, She paused. In her dry eyes, She mourns. Sharply she says, "My skirt is a paper It flies in every direction I kneel down for every man My heart barks without a name." Without...
Man in the Mirror
I don't remember why I am in this hotel room. The assorted cigarette packets I see on this table, Empty bottles of alcohol on the floor, The pungent stench of puke all over this room. An amateur drunk, I must have drank to stupor... They said I checked in last night with two blondes, had a wild party and got wasted. My mind is hazy,...

Love and Unity

Love and Unity
The white on our flag represent peace. The green stands for vegetation that feeds the community. Love and unity heals. Love and unity, Respect for the fallen deceased. Brave hearts who fought for the country. Our feet hurt as we read them an eulogy. Love and unity, We stood together and fought impunity. We stood together and fought tyranny. We stood together and fought against mutiny. Love and unity.
A New Dawn
The rooster crows, The bird sings happily, The wind waves mildly, As the day brightened. All hail the power that wins the night, An accolades to the strength that defeated darkness. Behold, it's a new day Whoopee! The new dawn is here.

Look No Further!

Look No Further!
Take each glimpse, each eye that turned To behold something degrading Grey light of mist condensing on the pane. The heart lively dimming beneath the woes of the world. Take Your vision to the chimney that burns the refuse of past glory. Of that blazing sight, take that which you love From the grip of fantasy into the arms of reality while we wrest away the rest from...


The Wedding Guest—ZenPens

The Wedding Guest

Pleasure & Pain—ZenPens

Pleasure & Pain

Twisted Fate—ZenPens

Twisted Fate

Dead Doctor—ZenPens

Dead Doctor

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