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Did I Make You Proud?

I married a man whom I felt nothing for
To rise you from a hut to a mansion
I’m with him but it feels like I’m alone
Like a flower in a desert being burnt by the sun

He comes home drunk
Staggering like a tree being blown by wind
Sticky like urine
In dirty clothes like a homeless child
Kicks me up like a ball
When the whistle has been blown
Our house became a battle field
The scars on my body can testify it

My body is so sensitive
Mind is an ocean of fear
I even get frightened
When a feather falls on my body

I work hard like a slave
To pay back the riches you’re floating into
Hands are rough like a tree bark
I’m skinny and pale
Like a victim of kwashiorkor
Papa was my sacrifice worthy,
Did I make you proud?

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