Lord, Forgive Me for Being Ungrateful

Walking across the busy street,
I see humans, like me, bowls in hand.
Laying down peacefully regardless of the dirt in sand.
Wishing they were free to parade with their feet.
Lord, forgive me for being ungrateful.

The signs, traffic lights and many more could I see.
A young lad guiding an elder with a stick,
who was blind to the world, I had to agree.
Another disabled being had since been added to the sick.
Lord, forgive me for being ungrateful.

Words flowed from my mouth, blaring lyrics of a nearby song.
Till I was momentarily stopped by a sweet looking lass,
who kept staring while making signals, for so long.
Discovering her plight, I moved away to let her pass.
Lord, forgive me for being ungrateful.

I have ears, hands and a heart that can feel.
Entire body intact, no malfunction from head to heel.
Yet, I groan that life isn’t fair.
When I’m most fortunate to be alive and well.
And in those moments, I’ve played a fool.
Lord, forgive me for the many times I’ve been ungrateful…

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